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 Post Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:19 pm 
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Long long time everyone...

On Christmas Eve2018 I was going to pick up someone's kid that he hadn't seen in 6 months.

Along the way I was struck from behind while pulling over for a funeral. I was going 5mph vs her 60mph. She never stopped. My car finally stopped her after three points of impact.

As a result I've lost most use of everything below the neck.

I was already fused c5c6 before the accident. It impacted c4.

I'm probably never going to heal. The damage is extensive. I'm lucky I'm alive.

As my shirts from Piggys accident are now all full of holes...is there any where I can order some new?

My recovery is going to depend on keeping my spirits up.

I need my mech memories to give me hope that one day I can play again.

I've got one finger that still works. I'll eventually learn how to game again.

Don't pity me...just let's get my spirit back up. And figure out how to game with one finger. Let's not assume I can't...let's assume I haven't yet learned eh? :)


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 Post Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:52 am 
Team Banzai Admin/Chump
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Hey Ivy, long time indeed. I am very sorry to hear about your accident, that is truly a tough break. Modern medicine is getting better and better, so don't give up hope about functional restoration. Sometimes these things need to take some time to quiet down and heal before the functioning starts to kick back in. (Also, I hope you are suing the sh*t out of her.)

Unfortunately, as you may have surmised from the low level of views and lack of responses, things are pretty dead around here. Ment keeps the lights on, and we get some people dropping by from time to time, but there is not much regular Mech playing or discussion these days, other than the servers aggressor posts about, which I have not tried.

'Card told me there was a TB Facebook page, but I don't know anything about its current status as I am not a Facebook user. If it is still there you would likely have better luck finding someone to game with there than you would here. This goes all the way back to an email from 2014, but he said this about it: "We set up a TB group, about 30 people altogether, and there are occasional discussions in there. Lemur, Sandy, T-bolt, Spiff, Hammer, Ment, Haz, Sled, Dragon Slayer, Catz, Mustard, Sliv, Arch, and a couple of others are pretty active on Facebook." Some of those folks still pop by here now and then, and may be able to give you more up to date information than I can.

As for the Piggy shirts, I can't help you there, but it looks like there is some gear still available at the Banzai Store, found here: https://www.cafepress.com/banzaiinstitute

Good to hear from you, even under the circumstances. I have seen various articles about gaming with physical disabilities over the past few years, and I think things have been developed that can help a lot with various key binding thingies, so I wouldn't give up on getting back into the cockpit just yet.


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