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Author:  aggressor [ Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:07 pm ]
Post subject:  MechWarrior Mechanized EuroLeague


In 2002 a young MechWarrior called "aggressor" has been connected by first time to ZoneMatch of the MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries and the server was a TEAM BANZAI server.My firsy election was a Fafnir and was as brutal that I neutralized much opponents and a coleague of my team shoot to my mech.Inmediately when I has been started a new respawn a allied Mauler has been crossed in my way and I salute it doing a inclination of the torso of my fafnir and the Mauler salute to me doing a inclination of torso too and then he leave free the way.The Mauler was maneuvered by a member of the Team Banzai and I never will can to forget that memory.


In the past the Team Banzai has doed a great contribution to the community with four servers in the ZoneMatch and that deserve a recognition of the MWMEL administration :)


That damn war was a contagious disease for all involved.Many honorable MechWarriors were turned into scavenging vultures without conscience nor scruples.The alliances were de facto wet paper so many honest rulers ended up choosing the path of the corruption and of the betrayal.Everything was a disastrous experience in that infected abyss of unrestrained conflicts called Chaos March.

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